Anastasia's Names

Alison Renee Gray is a Baby Name Consultant who's been a self proclaimed "name nerd" for 30+ years. She has worked with a few MLM companies, but found her greatest passion to be building her own company. In 2010, she began Alisiana Designs making personalized mother's bracelets. In 2014, Alison started Anastasia Frost Enterprises LLC. That company started as a Music Booking Agency, but transformed to include other aspects such as Abstract Art, Swag Bags, an online Resale Shop, Fashions, and a Blog. However, Ali has always had a fascination with names and is currently putting her primary focus into helping parents-to-be find that perfect name for their baby. She really enjoys helping others and combining her love for people with one of her oldest hobbies just seems like a great fit!

​​Alison is a Christian, married to Mike, mother to four children named Sabrina, Cameron, Braden and Jonathan and stepmother to Lilian. They have one dog Angelina. And, live in the St. Louis, MO area. When Ali has free time, she enjoys singing and songwriting, taking walks in the woods, and playing pool (although not very well!). She is not shy about her faith and is willing to share Jesus with anyone who is interested...If this is you, feel free to send a personal message to Alison at alicatfour@ymail.com